Sunday, September 24, 2006

Stalin and Em Magan

Adding two more reviews of the movies that I saw during this week...

Stalin [Telugu]
1) You probably would have heard of binary marketing or Referral marketing, (like Amway), where one sells products by referring 2 or more persons and they in turn do the same further to propagate the chain reaction; Stalin has a similar theme but on the social front based on the Hollywood flick Pay it Forward.
2) Stalin has all the elements of a Chiru fare – Action, Dance, Social message, Masala and loads of sentiments; and if you are keen on logic, then its not your game.
3) Plus: Main storyline, Chiru’s dance, Parare Parare song, Certain scenes that steal your heart (especially the running race scene of Physically challenged children, where a child gets tripped and falls to the ground seeing which the other children in the race come back, cooperate with him and they all together reach the winning post. Really touching..) and the climax.
4) Minus: Songs and their inappropriate timing of insertion, Brahmanandam (who was underutilized) and much violence.
5) Verdict: If you are a Chiru fan then, go ahead, it lives to the expectation offered by the MegaStar’s package.

Em Magan (Emttan Magan) [Tamil]

1) Metti Oli Thirumurugan’s maiden direction venture Em Magan is sprun across a village subject, where Bharat plays the subservient son to the loud and tyrant father (Nasser) and the plot ends with a smooth ending where Nasser realizes his folly and gets along well with everyone.
2) Em Magan has a whiff of freshness in its Senti cum Family fare that has all elements of a feel good movie and most importantly has the flavour and nativity of the rustic essence.
3) Plus: Clearly it is the omnipresent Vadivelu this time who has given a good comedy with his typical gramatthu dialect throughout the movie, the Gramaththu Saayal (its long time after Bharathiraja a nice village subject with picturisation has come), Bharat and Nasser’s diametrically opposite characters and Saranya who has a solid performance.
4) Minus: Nasser’s illogical histrionics at some of the scenes irritate you and the too dramatic consequential part after Bharat-Gopika affair when it gets noticed by the elder folks.
5) Verdict: I find it to be very good and give a full recommendation to watch it; also I find a personal attachment and belongingness as the movie is almost fully shot in Karaikudi, which is my hometown!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Review

15/11 (friday) 10 pm (IST)

Hey, hey, hey....It is friday evening. I am in a euphoric state. So I shall be looking into the left out movie reviews now ;-)

Sillunu Oru Kaadhal (Tamil)

1. Sillunu Oru Kadhal released just days before the wedding of the lead pair Surya-Jo has a surprisingly different package with a slight off-the-beat crux inside.
2. SOK doesnt disappoint as publicised which has a bold subject of a Wife(Jothika) going to the extent of making her hubby (Surya) to live at least one day with his former lady love (Bhumika) on knowing the same years later; and as expected Indian Sentiment triumphs! (Watch yourself to see how)
3. Plus: Music (New York Nagaram rocks all the way!), the child artiste (as Surya-Jo's daughter), -- she is choooo cute, Picturisation.
4. Minus: The drag in the second half, Vadivelu part -- Gosh, it was incongruent to the movie with crass humour, Conspiciously excessive Advertising of products (Maruti Swift, Pepsi, TVS Star, Boost, Aircel, Maggi, Head & Shoulders!! !)
5. Verdict: Personally I liked SOK, tho' few may not concur..In any case, it is definitely watchable despite the subtle flaws in the storyline.

PS - Trivia: I saw the movie shooting (and Surya as well) from very near while it was being shot in my college for few of the college locations in the movie..When the football ground (thats our hostel ground) sequence in Munbae Vaa..Anbe Vaa song, I was there seeing!

Lage Raho Munna Bhai (Hindi)

1. Mark my words, this movie absolutely rocks and promises to be on the line of its prequel MunnaBhai MBBS that does not miss the essence and mark of the Munnabhai brand's flavour.
2. Pats to the script writers who have contributed the fresh concept of Gandhigiri (with Satya and Ahimsa) possible to bring about peace in day to day problems involving people.
3. Plus: Gandhigiri, Novel approach in handling the story, the Munna-Circuit pair's Looti, the gorgeous and simple Vidya Balan and cast, which is almost same as that of version 1.0 (except for Vidya Balan)
4. Minus: At times, there are logical flaws (but very few). But overall, it doesnt matter though.
5. Verdict: Bindaas... Ekdum Solid Maamu

Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu (Tamil)
1. Another episode in a Police officer's life: Kamal, a Crime branch Cop is in the hunt of a Psychopath who is behind a series of brutal murders. The Modus Operandi of Kamal’s investigation, his past and present personal life and the new lady love (Jothika) forms the rest of the story.
2. Many movies have come with similar story line before, but VV is fresh with its presentation, screenplay and photography but dont tend to compare with Kaaka Kaaka.
3. Plus: Music (Songs are hit since long back), beautiful picturisation of New York Nagaram and the stunt sequences.
4. Minus: Logic part -- Hard to digest that all alone 2 men take the New York Cops and Tamilnadu Police (force) in for a ride with a comfortably large number of murders all the way they go! And likewise many others
5. Verdict: Go for it! Disclaimer: Opinions vary

Bommarillu (Telugu)
1. A feel good movie that primarily portrays the bonding between an excessively caring dad and a son who wants to be independent, their aspirations and thinking.
2. Bommarillu has all the elements of a class movie with decent portrayal of characters, beautiful songs (literally all!) and most importantly promises to deliver more than what you expect.
3. Plus: Though Silly, Genalia is cute with her ChatterBox role; Prakashraj- Sidharth as father-son duo who have done justice to their roles, Music and Comedy.
4. Minus: Err....I dint find any.
5. Verdict: I recommend to all those who havent seen. Definitely a must see, I should say!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


It was Actor Surya-Jo's wedding yesterday and the affair ended well with the presence of all big-wigs of politics and Tamil cinema. And boy, the couple looked awesome in all the pics... At least a dozen of those forwards I recieved in my mail box today.

Good heavens, nothing this kind of crappy mail came for the past few days.. Gosh, I actually posted this comment on that blog (FYI given below) :

" I too am a victim of many such fwd mails — stuff like Ganesha Mantra, Microsoft and AOL pays u XX.xx $ for every x fwd, 5 yr old child being paid medical expenses for every nth fwd, lady seeking info on her hubby’s rare disease dated years long back, Promotional offer/ Ad campaign by giving free Nokia mobile, Laptops, IPods and whatnot for fwding their mails and the most irritating kind being ‘if u dont fwd within ___days/hrs; u will have bad luck for ___years (curse is at times elevated to even immediate death!) -- Kasi "

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fountain Head

Its been movie reviews all this time in my blog.. Actually I still have left Bommarillu, Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu and Lage Raho Munnabhai to be added..And Munnabhai was AWESOME!

But I feel this is going more kinda Movie Tabloid..So for a change I am not posting the reviews immediately...
I ve come to home this weekend.. Things on my agenda are to attend a wedding and Kumbabhishegam of my oor temple.. And last month, I finished reading Fountain Head by Ayn Rand which I started somewhere back in my B.E 1st year. The first 200 or so pages didnt delight me then and it was long kept unread. Add to it generous circulations among my friends and later getting fabulous reviews on it, I took a sudden interest and finished it in installments over the last few months. I just loved every page of the book in the last few chapters, in particular, when more of objectivism is enlightened through Roark. Got to know and appreciate as well lots of things about Architecture throughout the book... And I should say, Roark's speech in the Courtland Trial is a masterpiece.
I shall add more about it when I get time..

Friday, September 01, 2006


This weekend I had been to Madurai to attend one of my classmates brother's wedding.. It was all fun catching up class buddies after a pretty long gap...
Used the michhum chochham gap to come home and presented my mom a new DVD Player. It was an LG make with all the fundoo features. The player was inaugurated for its operations with the SPY KIDS DVD in the show room on demo[nstration] causa. May be the sales person forgot to remove it and the DVD came to our home along with the player!

Back at home, the first full length movie which we saw in it was Parijatham.. It was first time for me and I really wonder how come I missed watching it all these days... Boy, the movie was Enjoyable! And I declare open the review below!

1. Backiaraj's home Production Parijatham is a hit which also happens to be a launch pad for his daughter Saranya, who is cute with her pleasant demeanour.
2. The suave Hero Pruthviraj has done good job with his enjoyable Mallu'ed Tamil Accent and the Music is good, especially the numbers Unnai kandathum.., theme music et. al stay close to the heart (I ve made the next point lighter by putting this here!)
3. Plus: Backiaraj's subtle humour, etching and portrayal of characters and sensible dialogues topped with some good old sayings as a pleasant reminder to the situations in the movie; Pruthviraj's jovial protryal in the First half of the movie (for the fictitious Parijatham Novel penned by Saranya)
4. Minus: The hackneyed Niruthunga Intha Kalyanatha at the climax making a bakra and bakri out of might-be prospective bride/groom of the hero/heroine and Pruthviraj has nothing worthwhile to do in the second half, may be he could have been utilised better.
5. Verdict: I definitely would recommend watching this feel-good-and-leave-better fare, but dont get much deep into the logic part of the second half...