Monday, March 19, 2007

UK musings!

A month and a week back, I ve landed up in Ipswich, a place in the Suffolk county in the East Anglia region of the UK. Its indeed a beautiful town and most of the people in the UK know the place, I suppose, for its infamous entry in news during late 2006. Before coming my expectations were damn low.

But things aside, what I am surprised to see is a good amount of desi junta (every two in five in Ipswich looks to me as an Indian) are here - most of them from Tech Mahindra, Infy, TCS, Siemens etc. The town has a good number of Indian hotels and Bangladeshi Balti's. There are Indian stores like the Patel store, Kerela stores and Sri lankan stores where you get all the Indian eat-meat stuff and provisions... Other than this there is a Cine-World multiplex, where you get to see bollywood twice a week. There is a large Public Library that host good number of Indian (Indian writings/ Hindi) books. So naturally happy I am for the 'Indian connections' ..

But, larger than this is, there are branded shops (you name it and it is here!), big retail names like TESCO, Sainsbury, Woolworths, Argos, QD etc; quite a many number of pubs. There is a place called Nicholas Street which host some of the finest multi cuisine restaurents of Ipswich. We had a Team dinner at a Thai restaurent here last week. I am really surprised that how Apna chota sa Ipswich is connected to the world, wow!

Got a good place to stay in - a rented accomodation with three other friends. Right now, I spend more time in cooking than browsing in the house : (. But, every weekend invites us to home made chicken briyani or treat with apna favorite delicacies. Weekends are eventful with visits to town centre, shopping, washing clothes and a bit of movies. After coming here, I saw Traffic Signal, Nehle pe dehla and Pachai Kili Muthucharam in DVDs. And yeah yestersday's debacular India's cricket match with Bangladesh in the World cup. Right, now its sunday night 10pm and I dont realise how the weekend got ended up, all so soon!

And thanks to the Wi Fi, I get to be more here at online, than in India. Sadly, all these online sessions end up faster almost doing nothing productively. But in the whole process, I've catched up with few good online sites, which I wish to list it below, so that it becomes a bookmark for me.
Tamil movie downloads:

Online movie site:,
Online music site: (Right now I am hearing Ninne Ninne song from Desamudrudu here). And till this evening, I was hearing Nelly Furtado's song from her official site
Another site, that I would highly recommend to see readers is to check, where you get a search tool for tamil and hindi songs which saves you from the hassles of looking for the song you want in other online song sites. Plus, you have a page linked to download as well! Great work, Anand. I ve tagged this page in my blog's link list as well.

And yeah, I forgot, I did recently go on a small tour to London (its two hours from here) two weeks back. It was memorable, I shall try to upload the pics in my next post

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lots of changes!

Again as usual, I am back from quite a big hibernation. To be precise about a month after I am back to blog. Many changes, work pressures and yeah a surprise relocation to the UK last month kept me away from the usual chores of posting all the non sense items I used to do. Even I wished to write the movie review for Veerasamy, which I watched Muru (and 20 others in the whole theatre!), but later changed my mind after a comprehensive review came here. Another good thing and of considerable importance that I did before leaving India is I filed a provisional patent for a little idea of mine! I know it is not going to fetch me anything, but still.... I guess I am gonna call this satisfaction :) Okay no more bore... Plan to write about the place where I am and about London and yeah Eklavya movie review in the posts to come :) Watch this space out!