Saturday, January 05, 2008


If you are reading this and if this still is the month of January (irrespective of the year!), accept my New Year/Pongal/ Sankranti/ whatever applicable wishes.

I've made a trip to Chennai after 11 long months - Chennai is very much the same, only that traffic (both human and automobile) has gone denser than ever. The first sight that pleasantly welcomed me outside Anna International Airport were Chennai's swarming queue of adorable Taxi drivers and Autokaarars. One look at the Ambassador cars - both White ones and Black-(top)yellow ones realised me how dearly I missed them in the UK. And also our affectionate and welcoming mosquitoes.

My vacation was originally for 2 weeks and now its been extended. I've planned to take some rest and am glad that I'd be here for some more time...So far my holidays went okay okay. Lots of interim alachal (for the Tamil challenged, this translates to 'wandering locally') and two trips to Chennai within 2 weeks. Did nothing productive though. Fell sick with cold and coughh in my native place and almost back to form now. Didn't check Internet for a long while (= 2 weeks) - hence the delay in blogging or orkutting and or facebooking.

There are lots to do - need to learn few chettinad and quickie dishes that might come handy, have to see Taare Zameen Par and I am Legend. Regd Tamil movies, I am upto date - Billa, Kalluri et al have been covered while in London itself. Billa is okay - stylish, chic and racy, but lacks in substance. Same story and not even a minor change in the plot. Billa - the earlier, was class and the new one falls down vis a vis the old Billa. However, Billa the new is trendsetter in kollywooed in terms of camera, action and stunts..

Running out of time in the browsing cafe. So........See you soon in my next post!