Friday, September 01, 2006


This weekend I had been to Madurai to attend one of my classmates brother's wedding.. It was all fun catching up class buddies after a pretty long gap...
Used the michhum chochham gap to come home and presented my mom a new DVD Player. It was an LG make with all the fundoo features. The player was inaugurated for its operations with the SPY KIDS DVD in the show room on demo[nstration] causa. May be the sales person forgot to remove it and the DVD came to our home along with the player!

Back at home, the first full length movie which we saw in it was Parijatham.. It was first time for me and I really wonder how come I missed watching it all these days... Boy, the movie was Enjoyable! And I declare open the review below!

1. Backiaraj's home Production Parijatham is a hit which also happens to be a launch pad for his daughter Saranya, who is cute with her pleasant demeanour.
2. The suave Hero Pruthviraj has done good job with his enjoyable Mallu'ed Tamil Accent and the Music is good, especially the numbers Unnai kandathum.., theme music et. al stay close to the heart (I ve made the next point lighter by putting this here!)
3. Plus: Backiaraj's subtle humour, etching and portrayal of characters and sensible dialogues topped with some good old sayings as a pleasant reminder to the situations in the movie; Pruthviraj's jovial protryal in the First half of the movie (for the fictitious Parijatham Novel penned by Saranya)
4. Minus: The hackneyed Niruthunga Intha Kalyanatha at the climax making a bakra and bakri out of might-be prospective bride/groom of the hero/heroine and Pruthviraj has nothing worthwhile to do in the second half, may be he could have been utilised better.
5. Verdict: I definitely would recommend watching this feel-good-and-leave-better fare, but dont get much deep into the logic part of the second half...


Kaps said...

overall, the movie was good. I found saranya voice irritating at times.

satyam4u said...

its a hit coz of the ony reason that it is slightly away from th trend running now-a-days...altogether a family movie...but boaring at times can enjoy two songs i found bhagyaraja's voice irritating

abhay k said...

I wish I could see the movie as well taking a cue or two from your review.
Thank you so much for your condolence message on my blog.

Anu Russell said...

I liked this movie too!!! Although I felt Bagyaraj's acting was a little over the board...the movie could have done without him...

Kasi said...

yeah her voice was bit irritating, but less when compared with Papa Bhagyaraj (or Backiaraj?) in the movie..
@Satyam and Anu:
Yes I too found his voice tearing my ears at times..The old flavour of his voice is gone!
Thanks, I felt in your shoes at the time when I read that.. Got the url of that post from Vivek's blog.. And congrads for scoring high in Russian and Best wishes too!!!