Friday, April 28, 2006


Finally, the long awaited day for my roomies and junta here had come on April 26. Guess, since months together, they'd have been waiting to give those 'b'day bumps and bashes'. And they didnt disappoint me or themselves either.

25 April 2006, 11.45 pm.
Woke up suddenly from the disturbance with the not so-regular hulla in the house. More than a dozen had gathered and then started the party with the cake they had brought. Post the cake cut ceremony, left overs were smeared on my face followed by the b'day bumps. A card with an indigenious poem (courtesy:Saravanan) was duly presented along with the gift. Next phone calls from Thyagesh, J.P et. al made the eve more spicier!

26 April
Went to Phool Bagaan Mandir in the morning. Morning was vibrant with many phone wishes and had gone to office. Evening when I reached home, I was surprised to get a sweet box from Raunak, the 8 year old cutie lad who happens to be our house-owner's son. Attached above is the pic of the box .

Sunday, April 23, 2006

How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got a Life

The second news article that me made me stunned is about our own desi girl - Kaavya Viswanathan. This 19 something Harvard lass made a fortune of about 2,80,000 pounds (about $5,00,000!) which was paid as an advance for her book "How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got a Life".

Opal Mehta, which has a first printing of 100,000 copies, has been optioned by the publisher DreamWorks.. And more info, Spielberg's is gonna make a movie on her story!

Here are the News articles 1 & 2

Excerpts from the Book (Holding to place my hands on the actual copy!)

Pramod Mahajan Episode

Today morning began as usual like any sunday. Read the first of page of Times of India in half sleep in the bed and was shook by the headline that Pramod Mahajan, BJP leader was shot thrice by a .32 pistol by his own brother. I wasnt aware of the news which took place yesterday and went in for the details. Grabbed the remote and surfing across news channels gave a big picture, the regular media hype as it would always happen be to this National Top story. Newsmakers gave an ample news for the news channels to make and cook stories.

The Hindu news article on this

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wud be back-to-blog soon !

If at all, any one who happens to read my blog, I am sorry I couldnt post anything for a big gap. Due to some personal commitments, I couldnt make it to active Blogging for quite some time. But, I'll be back soon...Very soon..
PS: Would be really happy or rather extremely flattered if anyone has had felt my absence to Blog!