Sunday, September 24, 2006

Stalin and Em Magan

Adding two more reviews of the movies that I saw during this week...

Stalin [Telugu]
1) You probably would have heard of binary marketing or Referral marketing, (like Amway), where one sells products by referring 2 or more persons and they in turn do the same further to propagate the chain reaction; Stalin has a similar theme but on the social front based on the Hollywood flick Pay it Forward.
2) Stalin has all the elements of a Chiru fare – Action, Dance, Social message, Masala and loads of sentiments; and if you are keen on logic, then its not your game.
3) Plus: Main storyline, Chiru’s dance, Parare Parare song, Certain scenes that steal your heart (especially the running race scene of Physically challenged children, where a child gets tripped and falls to the ground seeing which the other children in the race come back, cooperate with him and they all together reach the winning post. Really touching..) and the climax.
4) Minus: Songs and their inappropriate timing of insertion, Brahmanandam (who was underutilized) and much violence.
5) Verdict: If you are a Chiru fan then, go ahead, it lives to the expectation offered by the MegaStar’s package.

Em Magan (Emttan Magan) [Tamil]

1) Metti Oli Thirumurugan’s maiden direction venture Em Magan is sprun across a village subject, where Bharat plays the subservient son to the loud and tyrant father (Nasser) and the plot ends with a smooth ending where Nasser realizes his folly and gets along well with everyone.
2) Em Magan has a whiff of freshness in its Senti cum Family fare that has all elements of a feel good movie and most importantly has the flavour and nativity of the rustic essence.
3) Plus: Clearly it is the omnipresent Vadivelu this time who has given a good comedy with his typical gramatthu dialect throughout the movie, the Gramaththu Saayal (its long time after Bharathiraja a nice village subject with picturisation has come), Bharat and Nasser’s diametrically opposite characters and Saranya who has a solid performance.
4) Minus: Nasser’s illogical histrionics at some of the scenes irritate you and the too dramatic consequential part after Bharat-Gopika affair when it gets noticed by the elder folks.
5) Verdict: I find it to be very good and give a full recommendation to watch it; also I find a personal attachment and belongingness as the movie is almost fully shot in Karaikudi, which is my hometown!


satyam4u said...

kasi babu....stalin is a movie which is making a huge mark on chiranjeevi as a future politician...but the major fact lies in the movie is tht it can be watched with family and film is going well all over where it got released..majority of the credit goes to the tought of murgadoss...who inspite took this subject to vikram and captain was denied and finally accepted by chiru....and now our dear captain(vijay kanth) is out to make a remake since it can draw crowds....over all a nice thought to help people.....cheers to u kasi

Kasi said...

Yes..Yes, Totally Agreed Sir!
Designed conspicously for his political launch pad... You will notice this clearly in the climax

Anu Russell said...

hey i am yet to watch both these movies...parthadhum will write my comments in...

nice one kasi...

Anu Russell said...

hey check out my have been tagged :)