Monday, August 14, 2006

Marathon Movie Reviews

Hold your breath.. I am gonna post my trademark 5 point movie reviews - this time it is much much longer than ever. It almost accounts for the new movies that I ve seen in the past 2 months. Well, I am going in the reverse chronological order I saw.

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna [K.A.N.K] (Hindi)

1. Karan Johar's new venture disappoints with its weird storyline unlike his previous blockbusters KKHH, K3G and KHNH.
2. For a change, I guess SRK has taken Emraan Hashmi's job by fitting into his Infidelity bill!
3. Plus: Music - All songs rock especially Party song and Mitwa as well the Rock n Roll number, Comedy in the first half and cinematography
4. Minus: The story itself - fails to appeal and empathize the Indian Audience
5. Verdict: KANK may be a KALANK; but very much watchable once though .

Thimiru (Tamil)

1. Following successive hits - Chellamae and SandaKozhi, Hero Vishal comes all packed for yet another opening, which has all the ingredients of a racy masala cum action movie.
2. First half of the movie goes with ease when compared with second half, which drags with a unjustifyingly poor flashback with the acerbic Shriya Reddy (she does a very artificial and unconvincing Negative Role).
3. Plus: Stunts (Action), Vadivelu comedy, Vishals Background music and First half.
4. Minus: Songs (Except Manamadurey) and Second half.
5. Verdict: Can be watched once but dont expect it in the genre of Dil, Dhool or Gilli.

[Something..Something]Unakkum Enakkum (Tamil)

1. Yet another colour xerox copy from Remake Raja, this time from Prabhudeva's Telugu blockbuster Nuvostanante Nenodantana, which has a fine blend of DDLJ and Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya.
2. Has all the elements of a feel good movie, an impressive star cast and yup nice songs too!
3. Plus: Story, Music and Santhanam's comedy.
4. Minus: The drag in the climax and Jeyam Ravi's choice for the UK-returned-chilled-out character unlike Sidharth (with his long hairdo) in the original version which he did it with ease.
5. Verdict: Good. Watch it if you havent seen the Telugu version, else leave it as it is the same!

Omkaara (Hindi)

1. Vishal Bharadhwaj's Omkaara is an adaptation of Shakespeare's Othello confining to a UP village with power, politics and lust in the game.
2. The movie has an impressive star cast and there are no songs here.
3. Plus: Definitely Saif with his Langda character, Ajay Devgan and the typical deep rooted Hindi dialogues with the flavour of authentic-rustic-ambience of rural UP/ Bihar .
4. Minus: A conspicious drag through out the movie, love making scenes and incoherence at times in the movie.
5. Verdict: Not a family movie, watch it if you have inclination for such bold movies.

Amma Cheppindhi (Telugu)

1. A novel attempt in presentation, Amma Cheppindhi is an off the beat movie sans masala, the whole story which is spun around the colony and people of a fictious Nuclear Power Plant Nagar.
2. Central theme focusses on the sacrifice laid by a Not so intelligent, funny and adorable Hero Shravan.
3. Plus: Picturisation, Clean presentation, First half and Suhasini's character.
4. Minus: The not so convincing melodrama in the climax and drag in some of the scenes, esp. the senti ones.
5. Veridict: Amma Cheppindhi may be like Amma Champindhi, but it is definitely bearable on the whole.

Uyir (Tamil)

1. Hmmm.. Uyir is on the lines of 'Vaali' or the recent 'Kalabhak-Kadalan', only change this time is it is the female who has an incest love on her young brother-in-law.
2. Apparently, the movie has done good business without getting stuck into any kind of controversy and if I am not wrong it has got rare reviews too.
3. Plus: The electrifying Sangeetha's Arundhati Character (she shadows Srikanth in the movie!) and two of the songs that are quite melodious.
4. Minus: Samvridhi, the actual Heroine and some of the irritating kinda Sangeeta's expressions.
5. Watching Uyir is not suicidal ;-) though one gets to see too many suicides in the movie which noticably starts with a Non Suicidal note !

Imsai Arasan 23-aam Pulikesi

1. One of the best movies made in recent times, Imsai Arasan 23-aam Pulikesi with the ambience of an East Man colour movie has all the flavors of a quintessential Comedy hit.
2. Though I am not an ardent fan of Vadivelu, I find him good in this movie where he does both the roles with finesse and comic mettle (Vadivelu has double Action here).
3. Plus: Comedy,dialogues, the chaste Tamil used in the movie which one rarely gets to hear these days and yeah Vadivelu, of course.
4. Minus: The heroines who had nothing worthwhile to do and though I appreicate the language used, I personally found tad difficult to follow some of the dialogues.
5. Verdict: A roar out laughter riot, 23 aam.. definitely is the watch of the season.

Vikramaarkudu (Telugu)

1. Vikramaarkudu is again another Masala Mass movie from Ravi Teja which has all the proscribed dance, crass comedy, masala songs and yeah dialogues so much typical in any telugu mass movie.
2. Movie has no great plot, it simply is a fine mixture of previous movies, but yes, it has a refreshing element in it with Anna Ravi Teja is double action for the first time.
3. Plus: Ravi Teja as Rathore and his dialogues
4. Minus: Songs that doesnt match the pace of the movie, Crass comedy and Violence part.
5. Veridict: Hmm.. I wouldnt really advocate to watch it, but if you are simply left with nothing to do and laze away around 2 and a half hours, then go ahead!

Thiruttu Payalae (Tamil)

1. With a refreshingly new plot, the movie is certainly far away from the cliched approach when looked at any angle.
2. The way the characters are etched, especially Jeevan's is fabulous and things are presented nicely without much boisterous screenplay.
3. Plus: The gorgeous Sonia Agarwal, songs especially the opening number Thiruttu Payalae and Poi Solla poraen.. which pulsates me even now and the climax that goes totally unexpected.
4. Minus: Not much though and its quite long time since I had seen the movie that I am unable to ponder upon its minusses!
5. Verdict: Watchable once and even twice, pats to Susi Ganesan (director) for the good job that has a good message in the climax.

Godavari (Telugu)

1. This is one of the best movies that I must say I ve seen in the recent years; surely it is a landmark in the annals of Telugu Kollywood's 'Klass' movies.
2. Watching the movie is a treat to enjoy Godavari's splendid picturisation and the movie goes in a decent pace, doesnt make you bore throughout the fare.
3. Plus: The Godavari backdrop with beautiful lightening and cinematography, pleasant songs, the suave Kamlini Mukherjee, soft spoken but bhatka and confused sa Suman and also the doggy that speaks gr8 thought provoking dialogues!
4. Minus: Couldnt find any, the story was natural and it was a wholesome pleasure in watching it.
5. Verdict: Hats off to Shekhar Kammulla, the young director who has presented us such a wonderful movie that has a long lasting impression. Go and watch the movie, if you havent!