Monday, February 13, 2006

Cultural Night: Comedy of Errors

After the Project Party, TCS Picnic, with ascending order of expectation, we hopped in to Rang de TCS ! the Annual Cultural night of Apna Company. We entered by 7.30 pm and found that the program started by ~ 6.30 pm, lagging behind by an hour and half with the actual schedule. Thaad, thaad, thaad straight, all the junta made their entry to the food court, which made all the serving counters crowded thereby making chaos everywhere. It was total 'confusia' there -- no queues, mismatch of boards and counters, and above all the space crunch causing mayhem among the flooded crowd.

On the other hand, at the podium, with very little audience a classical dance was going on. I was expecting my friend�fs drama at 8.30 pm, but there were no signs of it for a long time. After an hour or so, bowled over by the long wait, I checked in back stage to see kya chal raha udhar.
Poor heavens, the drama people didn�ft get any chance to show up to the stage. The slot and sequence were sort of monopolized by those few from the Ramp show. They came in many installments, dragging the show. What the heck, there at the back stage, I could see lots of verbal fights, ego clashes amongst those who were not given chances to present their event. Announcers seemed to be stuck in between the web of organizers and fighter- comrades. It was pathetic with pandemonium there too!

Finally when the drama was hosted it was already close to 11 pm and by that time most of the people had left following the announcement that company buses plying to regular routes would leave at 10.30 pm. Given this, with all spirits, these guys made a bold entry and they did a good presentation, boy! I still wonder, where elsewhere, do you give sort-of-last-slot to a drama? With very few people remaining (hardly less than 50) , still few sequences of dance and an orchestra-band were left. And that fianlly had to be cancelled.

Well, that�fs how Apna cultural night ended with misery; thanks to mismanagement and poor organizing skills...

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