Monday, January 16, 2006

Project Party !!!

I just remembered that I'd been to a party last friday (13 Jan). The occasion was to celebrate the success of 'go live' of the database instance at the client side that 'we' worked.. (no pun intended!)

The party was hosted at our Company's guest house and even the ex-project junta (which includes me!) were invited.. Da, it was a good time..

All the people, around 30 in number gathered and spread themselves across the rooms of the house. Promptly, our PM made us comfortable though we were spread here and there...We started with the juice and snacks. Rest of the course would be dedicated exclusively in the next para...With Indrani di making an iniative for some activity to be done, we agreed to go for dumb charade.. It was a gala time -- emoting movies, making signs, emoting, changing rules and yet competing (sorry, but no points..) and making fun of each-other.. Ya, I forgot.. Insert some camera sessions with Nishant's 'Analog' camera in between (I didnt take my cam that day..) I repent now ;-(

Then came the interesting part. The course followed with some paneer and chicken lollipops and eateries like what we call onion bonda and bajji
2. Next, we were given some appetisers like fryums and onion chips (sort of)
3. Dinner: Roti, Plain rice, Veg gravy (Paneer), Non veg gravy -- chicken and some other gravy ( I didnt taste that), Prawn , fish pieces, Aloo mixed sabji, Another Veg curry and pickle (yeo this pickle was sweet like marmalede)

Sadly, no mishti was there.. was terribly missing those mouth watering rossogulla's and bengali sweets. Phir bhi, had a lion's share indeed

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