Monday, January 23, 2006


Well, owing to (y)our valuable time, I am trying to make this one a la M-O-M (Minutes-of-Meeting).

The TCS-Kolkata Annual picnic was a blast (Note, I ve give the conclusion here itself!).

With 50 odd buses all over Kolkata, associates started from their homes in the morning and reached the �esite�f Lakeland Country Club (half an hour onward drive from Vidyasagar Setu*).
Around 1500+ ppl turned up. With multiple food serving counters and BIG queues, breakfast** started (and so ended late for many!). Next, people started spreading in clusters in the sprawling campus. Later, the circular atrium in the club was flooded with people to shake their legs to the pulsating DJ-music. Owing to the scorching sun, it had to be made short. Later, there were lots of events happening simultaneously.
1. Fun games like �eHit-the-stumps�f, �eTug-of-War�f and Dart
2. Spoon-race and memory games for kids
3. A sort of Cosmo-jump and play area, again for kids
4. Go-karting
5. Kabaddi, self initiated by a group of entho junta
6. And small small �esangams�f spread idhar-udhar by junta of identical frequency

By noon, there were again queues (for Lunch!). But now, all the lines moved fast and there were absolutely no hassles in getting things done fast. And boy, the Khana was sumptuous! ( I gobbled to my hearts content). Post lunch; with few camera sessions, gazing here and there, sab assembled for a Magic-show! That was fun and by 5 pm ended the eventful day with the buses receding the venue..

[ A memorable day Indeed! ]

*this is the New Howrah bridge, the cable supported bridge connecting Howrah with Kolkata,)
**with poori, sabji and jalebi, it was just palatable

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~Lord Anshul said...

nice one dude !!

and i just cant belive..TCS do organize so much on thr picnic ;)

and do upload some phtos too :D