Monday, February 13, 2006

Tryst with Maitree

Being involved with the Adventure and Trekking club here made to meet people from Maitree, the community club of Apna Company. Corporate Maitree Junta from Mumbai came in to take testimonials from us and thus make a corporate video out of it.

Tuesday morning, with bit of whats-gonna- happen (?) of expectation, dropped in to the HR wing. Additionally, I was there to represent Bibliophiles, the Book Club too. First, the video of Book club as well as some members was taken. Huh, some people had to give serious poses of reading books stuff�c Even I was made to sit on a couch, placed with a Maitree Matters magazine on my hand giving a reading pose. A few girls, I and Suprio da then were discussing about the Book Fair and the recent additions to our repository. The camera guy found that natural and told he�fd be shooting this.

Phir kya, with his P.C. Shriram�fs view, focusing his camera ulta-pulta with different angles and frames, he made us rearrange here and there, moving things in and out of the room to capture our conversation. Later, we were told to express in a line about Maitree, I opted to say one word ? Energy. It sounds good, though totally fallible. I recently had a grudge against few HR folks, who made me �eunacceptable�f for a particular event. Well, that�fs a different episode although. And by this time, my entire rancor has subsided. Then next, for the Adventure Club session, along with the coordinators, I joined at the conference room. We played the video of our trek and few photos. Finally, here too I gave in my �eviews�f and briefed about our trek tour. Unhappily I had to part my CDs to the camera guy, loosing my invaluable treasure�c

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