Friday, July 14, 2006

ZIZOU - what ya done??

The World Cup is over and Italy went all the way to Glory. Hats off to them. On the hindsight, France had also a chance of making it. Though France lost, it was rather a disgraceful exit for Zizou at the end of his career. Zizou was shown the door out for his own hasty act in a moment of rage during the ET, the moment which required his much-needed-presence owing to the intensity and momentum of the finals. The moment which required his concentration and balance - mentally and physically. The moment which ought to have reminded the obvious consequences. And... all the French dream was shattered in a moment....

Zidane had rather an unpleasant day with his headbutt-into-Materazzi-episode-followed by-Red Card becoming a disappointment for his fans and supporters. It certainly doesnt behove a player of Mr. Zinedine Zinedane's stature to get a Red Card at the end of his career match. Poor Zizou, he couldnt make it to presentation ceremony either...I felt sorry for him losing his temper. But I certainly wouldnt approve what he did either, whatsoever the reason be, call it circumstances or anger or any xyz. In the true spirit of healthy sporting, physical abuse is an obvious blackmark. Sad that Zizou too fell a prey to it.

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