Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Back from the usual hibernation !

I am back from the mini hiberantion (as usual). Nope , neither my blogspot was blocked nor was it inaccessible as with the hue and cry of many bloggers across India. Bloggers all over India are back in business, definitely giving heaps of relief to the Indian blogging fraternity. Dept of IT and communications has communicated over this issue yesterday.
Procrastination and/or lethargy,which is inherently present in me loads and loads deterred me from posting anything, especially when I had lots of things to put down and share. Yep, lots of posts are still pending -- reviews on Godavari and Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi (movies), Rendezvous with Madam Kiran Bedi( I have this strong urge to call her 'Madam' after meeting this iconic personality) last saturday, the happy ending to the struggle of a 6 year old boy Prince over 50 hours in a deep pit in Harayana (60 feet, My God! and more here...), me reading Tin Tin series these days (hmm.. I was a fan of Tin Tin during my school days) et. al.

Hope all these would materialise into the blog soon, but I shall post my meeting with Kiran Bedi first and the rest next (well this old rugged cliche '..first and rest next' still sounds good, isnt it?).


Anu Russell said...

i can read tintin again and again...i should have read them like a 100 times so far! i swear both asterix and tintin are still my most favorite comics!

Kasi said...

Yep, Tin Tin has his charm even today. Particularly his cute doggie Snoopy and Captain Haddock, Thompson brothers etc. still continue to entertain everytime you read.

Anu Russell said...

thank you so much for your comments. I am sorry that geocities is so old and the website was also created during the Summer of 2001 while doing my internship ;)

But loved your feed back...yup

Resume = work oriented
CV = Curriculum Vitae = which is self-descriptive...
and Biodata = information about self like age, date of birth, address, name of father, etc...

In India we often use this terms randomly...but once again thanks for ur comments

Anu Russell said...

hey it is Thomson and Thompson with 'p' in the middle!

Kasi said...

Oh yeah.. Btw, I meant the brothers.
1. btw, do read these interesting trivia about Thomson and Thompson
(esp. that Thomson sports a pointed moustache and Thompson sports a straight moustache, I dint know this before or never noticed this ) from Tintinologist

2. And I happened to see that they indeed are Thomson and Thomson in Slovakian language version ;-)

PS: My Tin Tin gyan is limited to just 5-6 books that I read during younger days. So, I am going back again to explore the whole series. And thankfully, a lending library near my place has a whole lot of them :-)