Thursday, July 06, 2006

Football and etc.

Oh how come I havent even let a single word about Football when the air is filled with the fumes of football fever. These FIFA days were of mixed bag of reactions and events -- disappointments, Sobs, Frenzied moments, Penalty 'tensions', Red Cards and most importantly the joy when the team one supported won. Brazil, which was the eye of many as well as Kolkata had a rather disappoiting exit. Spare Ronaldo, Ronaldinho didnt either show his overly projected mettle ! There were quite unpleasantries too especially when Argentina was shown the door out. They certainly would have deserved a place in the semi-finals had only the things would have gone fine. And in yesterday's match between Portugal and France, though France had won by 1-0, I really felt Portugal was more deserving. They certainly made many attempts on the goal, sadly they went futile. And I felt there were many instances, where France wasnt given 'foul'. I am not complaining that things went biased but all I feel is things could have been better.
Human mistakes cant be tagged especially when it comes to the match Referee. And looking on the other side, Zidane was too good, he made good use of the penalty kick that led them to the finals. It certainly made everyone realise he has lot of sports left in him and tagging him 'old' is just a cliche...

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