Friday, March 24, 2006


New 180 seater Airbus
Plush Interiors
Leather Upholstery
More leg space (comparatively)
Charming cabin crew
Adhered to time schedule (thankfully, this time I hadnt had any bitter experiences as last time)
And more importantly, safe landing and take off with no jhan-jhats!

Well, I am not talking about any International Airline or so. Its Apna very own Air- Deccan, the no frills- low cost airline. Yesterday I came to Chennai from Kolkata by A.D's evening flight. Unlike my friends and my own past experience, this time there was no cancelaltion or delay in the flight. Also, I was lucky indeed to avail the above-said all 'configuration', which is very rare indeed! The carrier took take-off around 20 mins late as the run-way was being used by another aircraft at that time. Still we managed to reach Chennai just 10 mins after scheduled arrival time and this by any means is excusable.
Overall, it was an absolute No- compliant travel!


Anurag said...

Hi Kasi: Nice to read your experience. I work with Air Deccan, where I handle Revenue Management.

Best wishes and happy flying,


Kasi said...

Hi Anurag,
That was so sweet of you!
It was a nice experience last time ;-)
Wish Air Deccan reach many more milestones on it s journey ahead...