Saturday, March 18, 2006

HOPE !!!

HOPE -- The four letter word on which the world runs. Donno, how many agree to this ;-) HOPE is the ray of life and the sole phenomenon for anyone's survival. It is THE word which differentiates mere existing and living.
To put it in my own way, mathematically, HOPE is the probabilty of the outcome of any event. Subconsciously, hope does co-exist amongst all of us. Think of this situation, its 8 pm now and what will happen, if tomorrow, there is no morning. To put in another words, if there is no tomorrow. Weird, but now its clear that IT is the 'hope- factor' which makes us believe that there is a 'tomorrow'. Similarly, on any outcome anywhere, hope is subconsciously hidden or embedded inside!
Hey, come on and lemme come to the root of this post. Dont start imagining that I am going wayward philosophical or a bit eccentric kind. Since noon, I am waiting for a particular result which are to be out today and till now there are no signs of it. I've been opening that result-site window for the n+1 th time (n value not sure, should be more than 25 atleast) only hoping that this time it'd come... It'd come... Alas, it never came :) At last, I got the message that the results are delayed and they would come tomorrow. The whole sambhav intrigued me to write something on 'hope'. Ha ha, so goes my background..
One more incident happened yesterday. One of my friends lost her mobile phone during lunch somewhere in the office. Realising it after a couple of hours and after a few initial attempts at tracing, she lost the hope of getting it back. In her own words, she didnt even have 1% hope on getting it back! But it was found later (thanks to Apna company's security) . Hope, indeed retained its glory with a postive outcome ;-)
Hope - the strength as well as the excuse to live..True, Hope propels the world with its dear men and women!

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