Friday, March 24, 2006

A Day of Meetings !

22 March 2006, Wednesday

Woke up by around 9 am after a long chat with Bala previous night.
Bala's roomie Ranjit also got into the same project as Bala. He gave good company in sleeping and later we moved to their Vadapalani Office. Met Sri Ram, long time buddy after a long time and had a big chat over a couple of dosa's and tea in the canteen (huh, is that we call breakfast meeting!). This followed with another hour- long-gossip with Priya over a cup of coffee in the same canteen. In between, met and talked with lots of old and familiar faces.

Next, I was off to TCS - Ambattur. There I met all the junta - Swami, Geetha, Vanadi, Radhika, Yamini et. al at one go, over lunch. Post lunch, we went for a long walk-the-talk in their walky area. Then, talked with Divya who was in the Velachery office.

Back to Vadapalani. Met lakku and Sathish(Anna Univ guy), had coffee and chat. Unexpectedly met this guy Manjeshwara who came from Kolkata to Chennai on transfer. Then Bala and Ram came, and we hopped in to the Nair-kadai-chai! Next, Bala and me started to Udayam theatre to check any latest movie and unfortunately it didnt get materialised ;-( Then, we decided to go for shopping and went to a mall over there, where I got few clothes. As we were about to start to Koyambedu, we met long time PSG Telugu friends.

Straight, we headed towards their apartment. Met Satya, KP, Srikant, Ravi there. It was nice to get back with Satya - the most happening guy around. He was not ready to leave me out and KP started preparing dinner. Few minutes and wah, it was delicious mamu! Mukunth called in between and had a bada talk with him too. It was almost 10 when I left their place and prepared to start for Velachery to see my CTS classmates, who had called me their for dinner. Anyways, even at this time, I was determined and I left to Velachery. In another hour, I was there meeting Prasanna, D. Ma, R.Ma, Kums, Jaggu and Srikanth, all at one place! Mani fondly showed his i-pod and it was a great feel-good-feeling after seeing them all. Talked with Pallu over D.Ma's fone and had lots of fun. At 12, we called Sam to wish him for his b'day.

Really, it was a big day.. No..No.. I should say a LONG day !!!

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