Monday, February 13, 2006

Hamara Treat and AADI

Well, this time I had no options left. The much awaited me-sponsored-treat (though partially) came to an end with all my roomies getting free from their vetti schedule. Last Sunday, I and Kalp joined to give a dinner to our roomies and Uma Achi to celebrate the occasion of new-arrivals in both of our sister�fs homes. Yeo, the venue was the same old Banana Leaf restaurant. Looks like, we�fve become habitual treat goers there!

After that, we went to the Tamil CD shop and bought the CD of the movie Aadi. Perhaps, we didn�ft know then that we are gonna repent soon. Heck, what a disgusting-nonsense-movie was that; I almost couldn�ft control myself laughing over the serious scenes.
Well, I really don�ft want pen down more on this issue; watching that (unfortunately twice!) owing to unavoidable circumstances had made me kinda sick.

PS: Still I wonder how this brilliant piece of bullshit is consistently being given No. 1 rank in Top ten Movies.

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Anonymous said...

ya, Aadhi was a total bullshit.. looks like gonna be a flop