Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Weekend and after...

Mukunth's Treat:
Sunday, 29 Jan 2006
Mukunth had got a transfer. I could see that electric smile in his face as rushed out to tell his transfer to Chennai. All of us joined to give him grand kicks and bumps. Following the tradition, he gave us the treat at Banana Leaf Restaurant on Sunday. 10 of us went and had a gala get-to and a good meal �c Needless to say, it was a feast for me who had been deprived of Dosa for quite a long gap!!!

Kolkata Book Fair:
same day!
Then, we headed towards the Kolkata Annual Book Fair or the Boi-Mela.. Wow, it was amazing to explore those big arrays of bookstalls replete with resources. The more interesting part is the crowd. Such a BIG crowd to a Book Fair, I haven�ft seen before. Many stalls had queues formed by the junta themselves�c An enthusiastic-visitor-crowd is for sure, the success behind this annual event. Later, we gazed around the mela, had Cha-Pani etc. Sathish, Pankaj and me hopped into the British Council stall and registered membership to avail its library facility. Looks like this deal of intellectual investment is worth it (till Jan 2007, it would expire then!).

French classes:
Tuesday, 31 Jan 2006
Then w.e.f this date, I�fve joined French classes conducted by Learning & Development wing of Apna Company. Ms. Dolon, the French Ma�fm started with standard introduction phrases. Then we had all the alphabets (I am sure gonna mess up with English and French pronunciation as well as words at the end of the course! lets see...) Class was very much interactive and we had to play conversation in groups at the end. Was eduMy French gyan will be up in the next post !!!

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