Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where are our other Abhinavs?

There is an interesting up, close and personal article about Abhinav Bindra in rediff; check that out! Okay, by now, you would have read the numerous articles about Abhinav, his parents, his accolades, his back problem and commando training, his commitment, 0.5 mm 10 m range rifle sport, rewards etc.

My mood turned to a real contemplative mode when I read in his blog a really mature and humble post, titled The day after!!!!!!!!!!! Boy, what a simplicity! His way of looking things at a broader perspective, at this euphoric moment when people stopped worrying about other sports and events in olympics,,Just am excerpt from that below:

I would like to reiterate that everyone who represents India at the Olympic
Games has put in years of toil and sweat. I ask the Indian people to support our
athletes more. It is fine to celebrate our achievements but it is just as
important to keep up the backing when we are not on top of our game.It is
important for India to do better at Olympic sport as these are the true measure
of a nation's sporting depth. I wish more private initiatives come up with
corporate support apart from the backing of the government. The joy that the
nation feels at my win is humbling. I just wish that this is repeated more and
more often.With our depth of talent and expanse of people I firmly believe India
can be a world-class sporting power. What we need are precise systems. I will
try to do my bit at grooming the next generation. I would like to appeal to each
Indian to also do their bit in prodding us out of sporting complacency.

On a separate note, read this. This is an old article by Rohit Brijnath, or rather I would say, an appeal for a coach, after assessing his potential to make big in his chosen field at a nascent stage. And in response, an article hosted by a Singapore Indian, to meet the hefty sum of coaching, and infrastructure. Just few months back, in this article

Still, till a couple of months back Bindra Sr would crib about the lukewarm
response from the government agencies for his son. The family organised on its
own the funds required for his training, in addition to support from the LN
Mittal Champion Trust.

And now, see what. . Scores of CMs have annouced rewards, summing to 17 million plus Indian rupees, BCCI rewarding 25 Lakhs, a lifetime free rail pass in AC First class by apna Lalu jee, life time free air travel by a domestic airliner in India - the doling out of huge incentives, all this at a time when he really, doesn't need them the most...This can be best said, in one single word in English language - irony - that precisely and aptly brings the essence of the moment...

But lo behold, its the time to publicity - individuals and corporates alike are 'capitalizing' the opportunity - sharing one is associated how, some with nostalgic accounts, in a bid to tantrum oneselves. Indian Inc., but you didn't have resources to spare a mere $500 for a coach for the same person few years back.

The team's Hungarian coach Laszlo Szucsak, it is said, has gone to coach Japan
because India couldn't afford to pay him US$500 or whatever more a month. But
they can spend Rs 50 crore on hospitality for foreign athletes at the Afro-Asian

And also read this. Okay, Abhinav hails from an affluent family, and his family has invested in him and nurtured his never say die spirit. Thats good, not all rich families do that, in the sense, investing crores in an outcome that one never knows. Hadn't there been any support at all, many others would rather shattered their determined kids to bring them into their family businesses. .And think about those other Abhinavs who are just unnoticed and left as stones unturned...In Abhinav's own words, a billion people deserve not one but 40 gold medals. India Inc. , are you listening?

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