Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sony W850i

Athu appo, Idhu ippo (Translation: Thats then, this' now!)

Finally, after months of contemplation, I've migrated my phone connection from Prepay to a Pay monthly with O2 service provider. it was a necessary evil considering the reality that I lost hundreds of £ with Prepay credits so far :(
And now I got to choose a 'free' phone [1] with the new contract. I have taken a cool precious black color Sony W850i walkman series phone, presumably as it would entertain and keep me 'busy' in my commute to office and back home. And it has cool features as well :) Though Camera in W850i isn't that great.

I bought this phone on August 4 and my first attempt to make a call was to my lovely 3-year old niece, Tanya for a special reson. It was her birthday then and I wished her. And yeo, it was cho chweet hearing her voice. Operation Innaugration Call success!!!

[1] A 'free' phone, in real terms, is not a free one! Have you heard of 'Free lunch' in business?
All the costs are absorbed in the monthly bills ;)


Anonymous said...

cool mama got new phone great...

Anonymous said...

satyam here