Sunday, November 20, 2005

The New Arrival

At last, I brought that. That was the only thing left uncompleted post my arrival at Kolkata. Perhaps that would bring back colour to the otherwise deliberate void made by me. Weighing just a mere few grams with the length of a 1 Re. Coin diameter, it certainly is the most sought after possession for junta relocating new places. It's really infectious and I was prepared for the consequences.

Necessity became the order and transitions motivated me to buy a SIM CARD! With it, came the end to the saga of my 3 month old penance. Yeah, I brought a naya Hutch prepaid sim card. Had my Nokia handset had mouth, it would have said unquestionably --"Enough is enough. Dont exploit me anymore". I had really bothered it using as a Phone-book prior to buying this sim card. Anyways, sooner or later I brought back cheers (as well as life) to my nokia-ji.
Inspired by one of my friends mail, I want to record all its firsts statistics.

First Incoming Message: Hutch Care
First Incoming Message(Non Hutch): Mukunth (my collegaue)
First Incoming Message (STD): J.P.Arun (classmate-friend from Mumbai)
First Incoming call (missed call) : Santosh (colleague)
First Local call (received) : Vishnu(roommate) from office
First STD call (received) : Sakthi Kumar (friend) from Chennai
First dialled no. (missed call) : (Err. dont remember)

Well, the counters are yet to begin for the first outgoing call and first message. Oh ya, made a call to the customer care, which happens to be the first outgoing call!

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