Friday, February 02, 2007

Orkut introduces Video feature

Hey another goody from orkut is rolled out. Now along with your fotos, you can upload your videos as well!
I just happened to see it sometime back. I guess the new feature was on the board just then as it wasnt there when I refreshed orkut 10 min back. .

So now, if you have an account with YouTube or Googlevideo, you can start uploading your videos!
Stay connected.

Update [Feb 3, 8 pm IST]: Another find few mins back. Now you can get to see the exact time when a scrap was posted (ie with exact time (mins/date) before) in your scrapbook and in the community as well.. Really cool na

Coming Next: Review of World is Flat and Freakonomics for Abhay. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile I ve done some 'renovation' work to my blog.. I ve added few new links to the link list on the left side. Few good finds are Language Log and Damn Interesting and blogs of Jai Arjun singh and Chandrahaas.
(Courtesy: Vivek's post. )

Take some time to read them, surethey would be enlightening :)

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