Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I got an ambigram in my name !!! I am excited. Thanks to my friend and fellow Karaikudi'ite Amar on his efforts in making this. You would have heard about it or seen it if you happened to read the book, Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.

Anyways, for the uninformed, here is the gyan on an ambigram for junta.
www.ambigram.com says - " Ambigram as a word or words that can be read in more than one way or from more than a single vantage point, such as both right side up and upside down".
Balaji, another consummate Ambigram Specilist says on his blog - " Ambigrams are words of Symmetry.They look the same when read upside down also.There are many types of ambigrams.I try to make ambigrams that look the same when rotated and ambigrams that read the same even on a mirror. "

Just uploading my Ambigram done by Amar. Comments are welcome !!!

PS: This shall become my Orkut profile pic for some time. Needless to say - "All Rights Reserved, 2007 " !

Highly Recommended: Do visit

1. Amar's blog, he has a lot of Ambigrams in it. Good work by an amateur.

2. Balaji's blog for some mindblowing ambigrams. He has a multitude of creative ones.

3. Vasant's blog for more creative ambigrams. Has got variants in color and text.


satyam4u said...

కాశి.....నా బ్లాగ్ ఇక నుంచి తెలుగు లొనే ఉండబోతుంది.....అందుకే చూడు చూపించు....సత్య బ్లాగ్.....సూపర్.....మామ.....నీ పేరు లో ఇంత రహస్యం దాగుందా.....r u able to read this

Kasi Alagappan said...

Thanks Satya..Was able to read with my gyan of reading aksharalu tho..