Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Movie Buff or Maniac?

Hmm..My last post on Kabul Express got a comment and as I became excited to see who it was, then I found to my surprise a comment from I couldnt dismiss it as a spam comment as I have word verification and this line <"It looks like you are a movie buff, and frequently blog about movies"> made me understand that someone had actually gone through the post either fully or partially!
The title "Movie buff" certainly delighted me and took me into the sojourn of my all time favorite movies. I always wanted to have my favorite movies written and kept somewhere and thought why not I write them here and perhaps even update this often.
So here I am trying to make an inventory of my all time favourite movies and putting them under different genres. Of course, a movie in a particular genre may fit into other as well but in order to avoid redundancy I am trying to put them into the genre that I feel they suit the best. The idea is to pull out the maximum movies without duplication. Please do drop in your favorite ones as well to these categories and perhaps also those that I missed in the form of comments to this post.

1. War/ Bravery/ Courage/ Sacrifice: Brave Heart, Gladiator, Troy, Border, The Independence day, The patriot and though slightly deviated but still Kaaka Kaaka and Gilli (Courage) qualify
2. Classic: The GodFather, Mera Naam Joker, Sholay, Lagaan
3. Contemporary: Kabul Express, Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, Hyderabad Blues,
4. Emotion & more: Children of the heaven, The terminal, Finding Nemo, Anbe Sivam, Dor, Roja, Vetham Puthuithu, 16 vayuthuniley, Pitamagan, Sethu, Veyil, Kadal
5. Soft Romance: Aradhna, Ye Tera Ghar Ye Mera Ghar, Mouna Ragam, Godavari, Anand, Alai Payuthey, HDDCS, HAHK,
6. Family subject: Parichay, Seetha Ramayya gaari Manamaraalu, Manmathudu, Nuvostanante Nenodantana, Santhosham, more....
7. New Age ones: Dil Chahta Hai, Kal Ho na Ho, Rang de Basanti, Salaam Namaste, Gangster,
8. Comedy: Liar Liar, Khel, Andaz Apna Apna, Thillu Mullu or Golmaal, No Entry, Hum Tum, Panchatantiram, Tenali, Michael Madana Kamaraj, Winner (for Vadivelu), Rajendra Prasad's old Telegu movies and the recent Pyar Ke Side Effects.
9. Suspense/ Mystery: Snegithiye, 100 Days, Yaar aval, thagadu thagadu (forgot name, but this is the movie's pick of the dialogue),
10. Sci Fi: The Matrix (1,2 and 3), The Paycheck, Hollowman, Mr. India, Aditya 369 (telegu)

1. My knowledge to English Classic movies and contemporary themes is limited and hence the shrinked list in #2. As and when I remember one or I ll see a new one, I shall try to update them.
2. I didnt include a genre called Masala because if I do, the list would become unending given that I certainly do have a self proclaimed enclopediac gyan in them - especially with Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.
3. As it is conspicious from the list, I havent included much of Rajini's movies as I brand them as a different genre altogether!
So folks, pls pls pls provide me more inputs from your comments. I need to update the above genre and the list of movies.


Anu Russell said...

Wow that is a nice list!! you know what I shuld go and watch a few of the telugu movies u have listed!!!!

manasa said...

hey~just came across ur blog trhu orkut..its kinda AWESOME lol ...just checked out the first entry so will read more bout the ndtv part of ur blog cuz im like addicted to ndtv 24/7 ...n i mean it when i say 24/7 lol ...

n yeah if ur a big movie buff as i am then u shld go watch crash IMMEDIATELY ..comes under a serious category n its really touching

neway will catch u laterz

Kasi Alagappan said...

Thanks Anu & Manasa. Missed CRASH, I too want to see it. Lets see if I cud see this wknd itself.

satyam4u said...

hey kasi it seems that half of movies in ur list are the movies which both of us saw......sorry for troubling u in telugu

Kasi Alagappan said...

Ya Satya..Most of them are the recent ones which we saw.. Saw Anukokunda Oka Roja today, man it was awesome. Posted the review of GURU as well!