Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Snapshots from Hell: (P)review

The high acclaimed rating and astounding word-of-mouth review made me buy this �ecompelling�f book �gSnapshots from Hell: the making of an MBA�h by Peter Robinson. The book�fs blurb says -- �gA book for wannabe MBA�fs, anyone desirous of applying to a B-school or anyone in business�h. Though my dreams of apping for MBA is slowly fading away, I gave a rethought, a serious contemplation to read this, at least to make a judgment about how a B-School is really like. Change is inevitable and perhaps, who knows, I�fd be tempted or rather motivated to change my notions again. Accompanied by too much enthu, I finally bought this paperback yesterday.

The author Peter Robinson worked as a speech writer at the White House during Reagan�fs period and later looks like he took a choice to do MBA (for the obvious reasons -- earning fat pay!). The book is about the story of the author himself during his MBA days at Stanford during 1988- 1990. So far, I�fve come across ~ 80 pages and find that unlike Chetan Bhagat, Robinson has dwelled much on the plight of the students and the hectic schedule of the B-school. Chetan Bhagat�fs �e5 point someone�f had a blend of college masti, romance and very little of academics spiced with sentiments. Here, in �eSnapshots..�f, one gets to see in his pages more of lectures, case studies and class room problems. But thanks, the answers to the problem/discussion are given in very small font down the pages, so that if the reader needs he can go through them. On a lighter note, the author makes fun of the elite �epoet�f section of the class. �ePoets�f constituted the non-business/accounting background people who formed a sizeable chunk of the class.

Though not that gripping, I find the material pretty worth reading�cAnd yes, its hilarious with its fundo-joy-ride of the B-school. Chalo lets see how it moves further�c


Anonymous said...

Hai Kasi !

This is Mukunth....
Hope you are fine and happy to see that your bloggin spree has not yet found its climax... But hey !
Never stop this as there is a fan for you in Chennai... Good to see your updates and when will you give the news abt your project allocation...
I dont have lotus notes with me until My Background check in GE is over... Now I am in GE Oil and Gas account doing all the UG stuff I know... Am feeling good to work in a domain I know (atleast a little !)
Do mail me often... And I will try to mail you as soon as I get the notes.... Inchnm is not working as I could only receive mails....

Missing you all das of Kolkata..!

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Kasi said...

Hey, thanks mukunth..
will mail u abt updates