Thursday, February 16, 2006


James: I've always wanted to write about this man. Always smiling and oozing with enthusiasm, he is a star-hero of TCS Kolkata. Though not directly associated with Apna Company, James is the Tea Vendor who has his stall outside the company compound. Hey, James' charisma and business acumen has a big say here. People always flock his Tthela or the petty shop through out the day, no matter, even if its noon or 2pm. Fond among Apna junta, James is the adda, the hang out for all of us.

James tea-stall campus has a typical roadside stall set-up on the platform with table, eateries, fags, pass-pass, snacks, mints etc etc (apart from tea) and lots of open space in front of his dukaan for us to stand. The popularity of the place and his chai has nearly shunned many junta from taking vending machine tea/coffee inside the floors of the office. Even I discarded that LONG back, may be due to the fatigue and boredom factor of the vending machine chai.

The relief that u get from coming out of the air-conned office complemented by the aura of his James atmosphere is just awesome. Here, u get to meet lots of people, gossip and believe me the place really makes one addicted. With the typical scenario of a tea-kadai-bench, the gossip varies from projects, technology, internal gup-shups ,politics, and to what nots of the world !

Truly, a lot can happen over James cup of Chai.
And a trivia here: James has been featured in the last month issue of Kool-katha, the monthly magazine of Apna Company.

PS: Though, the idea was conceived on 16th, I am posting it only today (26 feb). I was kinda busy all this week and after this short break I am back-to-blog again!

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