Monday, January 23, 2006

An Eventful week (indeed)!

Jan 18: Aravind was leaving tonight, was with him till noon.. Showed up for the Quiz-prelims at office in the evening. Had been to Howrah station to see-off Aravind at night
Jan 19: Arun and Sabari came from Guwahati. Went to Airport, picked them up and spent the rest of the day with them roaming and doing nothing
Jan 20: Was there at office but there wasn�ft much free time
Jan 21: 'PICNIC' and see off to Arun & Sabari
Jan 22: Went to Uma Achi�fs place with Sara and was there whole day; installed xp to their comp and saw much awaited 'mounam pesiyathe'

Well, through these things I really didn�ft intend to project how busy am I or venturing into a new one-liner-daily-event-diary.. These are actually the �elame�f excuses for me not posting a blog for such a �ebada�f gap especially when it was cho�c. Eventful ! I really wanted to make seperate posts for all these days, but thanks to time and memory (my own memory!) constraints, I am just making it one or two to sum up.

It �ereally�f was a �esetback�f day, appearing for a quiz (this was a general-quiz organized by the Library, TCS-Kolkata) after so many months (I guess it�fs the first after college). Around 50+ heads turned up for the prelims. Me and Vishnu took the paper and were almost blank for half the questions of the total 25. The quiz master (Biswabijoy da) had made a good effort in churning up dry, visual and audio questions.
(I actually wanted to post some of the questions, but thanks, I am not doing so..!)
Managed to get 6.5 (which I thought was okay). But to my horror, I was shocked that the average score itself was ~ 10 and highest was 16.5. The last team to make it to the final four had got 14.
Arey Baba! I couldn�ft digest these numbers. Looks like my QQ (quiz quotient) has really really got down or rather has got stagnated�c. It certainly wassa big kick-back. As usual, in the cover of being �eoptimistic�f, took it in the real spirits.

PS: I am taking the liberty of using a separate post for the sequel

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