Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Logging in after a Break!

Lots of events have happened after my last post.

First, I ve developed a real penchant for cooking. Of late, I ve learnt to cook rice in a pressure cooker properly! I should now say that I ve become proficient in sabji cutting...Last week, Pankaj, my roomie taught me to prepare Vegetable Pulao. And at the end, it came out well !

On friday, I went to the Eden gardens here to have a glimpse of the India vs. SA One day-ODI atmosphere. Man, it was electrifying - Big crowd, Cars, Security, band-baaja.. Crowd were mostly of Ganguly's supporters. But, but... sadly, I didnt see the match actually.. Just had been there to accompany Satish and Saptha(till the Stadium entrance gate!), who had shelled out heavy bucks for the tickets. And I came back happy heartedly! Bad luck, India lost at the end.

Last weekend was really an eventful one indeed. Apne junta had brought Bat, ball, Stumps for playing a perfect cricket match . And yeo, we've started our first match last saturday in the ground few blocks away from our house. There was a good response from our circle of friends and had a good play indeed.

Same evening, had been to Belur Math and Dakshineshwar (this being the second time!) with friends. It was exciting with the exotic boat ride from belur to dakshineshwar at the early dusk...

I ve started reading the Book "The Monk who sold ferrari" by Robin Sharma and I find it quite good. It really has influenced me quite a lot and I made an introspection- soul searching of myselves. And I brought another book - " A night @ the Call Center" by Chetan bhagat. Just waiting my hands to keep on it and vrooom.. start reading. I personally liked Bhagat's previous work "Five Point Someone"- It was cool with the musings of three 5 pointers of IIT-Delhi.

Finally the D-day came yesterday with my PL telling me that I am released from the project w.e.f 30-11-2005 (btw, that is tomorrow). Is that all over? Have I finished my karma here? I am blank about what is gonna happen next. Just keeping my fingers crossed till I'd my next project allocation. New Project, I am excited! Lets see...

Latest News: Rains in tamilnadu have shattered the routine life. Places near my native place are flooded with water inundated everywhere. Coastal areas of tamilnadu were affected heavily.

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