Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I am excited today-- its my successful completion of 108 days at Kolkata. Everything had and has been absolutely fine - no hassles, no frills, no jhan-jhats! On the top of it, coincidentally I ve done with the project I've been alloted with! Means, w.e.f today i.e 30-Nov-2005, I am no more in this project. Anxiously awaiting for the 'What Next' signal from the HR.

Today morning an old friend of mine called from Hyderabad. He did with his training at Infosys, Hyderabad. Looks like he got his allocation to Chennai for maintanance. Though his home is at Chennai, he seems not to be interested at the offer as he preferred Implementation stream at Hyderbad. And he is desperate to 'swap' locations with someone who prefers Chennai.

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