Monday, August 11, 2008

Aamir Khan's blog

Celebrities' blogs are catching up in the blogosphere. And so are Indian celebrities too.
Certainly Aamir Khan raises your eyesbrows with his regular footprints in the blogosphere. He actually claims to write all the post himself, and yes, they do appear from his own. Also he reads his comments and replies them (some, of course!). Want to see his blog? His writing is nice, fresh and lively. You get to see other facets of Aamir. Do visit once, if you get a chance.
BTW I read most of his posts, and believe me, they kept giving me a Wah wah experience. He expresses his frank opinion in his writing, in posts like "Olympic Torch Relay" (dated 01-april-08), where he supports the spirit of sportsmanship that is beyond the realms of borders and conflicts. I truly appreciate his style of writing and the reasoning that showcases his innate streaks of intellectuality.
Way to go, Aamir. But do act in more and more movies. We want to see you more!
PS: BTW I watched Jaane Tu..Ya Jaane Na..; it was one helluva nice movie. I totally totally loved the lead characters - Imran Khan (Rats) and Genelia (Meow).. Both of them did a fantastic job!

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SATYA said...

i saw aamir khans blog though ur link....thnx for sharing kasi...see rock on as well u vl love it....