Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Schindler's List and Shawshank Rdemption

Schindler's List

This is one touching movie which I saw on DVD yesterday. If you are the kind who likes emotion, suffering and pain in the backdrop of a war, you would like it. Schindler's List is a brilliant and heart touching narration of sufferings and execution of the Jews before World War II. There are many occasions in the movie that would break you down. You will witness the numerous sufferings bore by the jews, the helpless victims in the Nazi regime. Man, seeing the pain in the movie itself was terrible. But with all this, there is this one man, the hero Oskar Schindler who saves 1000 odd jews from the inescapable clutches of Nazi execution. It's a real story and towards the end of the movie it is shown there is a now sect called the Schindler Jews, who owe their lives to Oskar Schindler. I went by the reviews, which were laudatory and after watching all I say, true - it is.

Shawshank Redemption

This is another movie that I saw last week. I really regret watching it so late 'coz it belongs to the league of brilliant-ones-one-could-ever-see. The story is about a rich banker, who is mistakenly taken as his wife's murderer and given a life imprisonment by the court. Morgan Freeman is also a prisoner with life imprisonment and the movie leaps forward with his soft and witty narration. The plot revolves around the prisoners, the daily routine, the trauma one suffers inside a prison and few good things like bonding, humour, prison library et. al. But the climax is simply brilliant, true to the spirit of its tagline - "Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free." . I recommend strongly you watch it. Note that IMDB has given a rating 9.2 (updated)/10!


King Vishy said...

These are two movies I have been longing to watch!!!! Now your post only add to the temptation..

I once watched the initial couple of scenes of Schindler's List at hostel.. But I had to take a break to go to college for something.. By the time I returned, my friends had deleted the movie :(

Kasi Alagappan said...

Oww.. Hostel episode - sometime it happens.
But a caveat Schindler's List, if you watch this in a dvd and if its an uncensored one,
remember there are couple of scenes that are *explicit*, that may not appeal to all!