Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mascarenhas and Orkut Beta

Quickly came in to shout two things:

1. India vs England match ended just now.. During the match, it looked like India would make a comfortable win..But THE man - Dinitri Mascarenhas was obscenely throwing 6 sixes shattering the concrete hopes!!! And one four, all in the last few overs..Spicing it, partner batsman Stuart registered a couple of fours and a six. As expected India won, not with a great margin though, which should have been the case, but by 10 runs. Anyways I am happy for England's Mascarenhas; he made first half century in ODI, under tremendous pressure. He has shown to the world his ability. Pats!!!

2. Just now I opened orkut and within few minutes when I refreshed, the looks and some of its features changed. Then noticed the Orkut Beta Label in the top left... Again I refreshed..It went to the old style..Again refreshed..Beta version appeared.. Finally, its all Beta now.. Looks cool ;) Much like facebook... Catch more news here to know the new cool look!

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Anu Russell said...

I have not opened orkut in three i am going right there :)