Friday, June 15, 2007

SIVAJI - The Boss (Bachelor of Social Service)

For the first time, I've seen a Rajini's movie the first day, in fact, a day before itis released in India! Thanks, to Karthik who booked the tickets well in advance at London- Ilford's Cineworld here that I could enjoy my yesterday evening. By now, there are already many reviews; but below is my humble attempt to write something out of it.

Sivaji(Rajini), a rich US NRI cum 'Software System Architect' returns to India after making a fortune. His parents are Manivannan and Vadivukkarasi and Vivek is his Uncle. Sivaji had all his education financed by scholarship and realised that India could only prosper if poor people have access to free education. And so, he starts his ambitious plan to establish a SIVAJI Varsity with courses ranging from LKG to Ph.D and even a Medical College cum hostpital. But his Nemesis, Adi Seshan (Suman), is already into the Donation Fee business from his educational institutions. He obviously doesn't want to ruin his 'established' business and makes all possible political impediments to Sivaji. In a turn of events, Sivaji lands up being a pauper and realises to adopt an aggressive way to realise his dreams. How Sivaji deftly takes revenge with the baddies and establishes his dreams forms the next half of the story.

At more than 3 hours, the move is tad lengthier. Rajini is at his best, thanks to the make-up and lightening, yew, he looks a lot younger! We were dumbstruck at the Oru Koodai sunlight song with his different 'international dude' get-ups! The music of Adiradi song and its prelude (bits from old songs) and the way they are picturized rock all the way! Sahana saaral, the sad version sung by Vijay Yesudas was missing though. Surely it's a much awaited treat for Rajini fans dying to see his style and mannerisms -- be it tossing a coin to neatly land in his pocket, chewing bubble gum, saying 'cool'. Mottai Rajini (but no, he isn't the Appa Rajini as rumoured!), comes as a scintillating package towards the climax, which impresses the most with his mottai tapping mannerism! The fight scene with the currency note shower, a la The Matrix, in a building terrace keeps you wowed. Punch dialogues are conspicuous by their absence; Rajini has resorted to using very few lines like Ithu Eppadi Irukku, Comedy Geemadi paanalya and few other Vadivelu's picks. The audience roared for these dialogues -- "Nee Shivaji thaane. [Rajini says] Illa Naa MGR. MG Ravichandran! ", "Chumma pera kettale athurudha le", " Panni thaan kootama varum; Ssingam da, single a dhaan varum! ". Thalaivar has also spiced some English phrases in between like 'It’s a mere coincidence, damn it' and 'Give me a Break'.

Sivaji's lady interest is Tamizhselvi (Shriya) who has acted gracefully and looks gorgeous in the songs with Manish Malhotra's costumes. 'Pattimandram' Raja and Uma Padmanabhan have acted as Shriya’s parents. Solomon Pappaya is their neighbour and the first half scenes in Shriya’s neighbourhood provide the necessary comedy galatta. Vivek has taken the punch line department and has provided neat humour. The first half goes in lighter moments and the next half is gripping. Suman has a meaty Villain role and no doubt, he would have many offers in his kitty now. Raghuvaran makes a brief impressive apperance as a Doctor.

On the flip side, the script isn't very strong like Gentleman or Indian or even Anniyan. Logic defies at some places like the explanation how Rajini became a Multimillionaire from his humble begining? How Suman was so gullible to lose his 200 crores at the behest of an anonymous call? How the Economic offence wing of the CID arrest Sivaji without unlocking the computer (which is locked by a voice recognition security system) that has the evidence? How Motta Boss flashes an all new USA passport and a Greencard with his photo identity in a jiffy? And then the train track scene with Rajini and Shriya. And, likewise a few other instances.

Overall, Sivaji lives up to the expectations it hyped. Not less, not more. It’s a Thailvar's padam, watch it with open mind and no questions. Assured a visual treat and a grandiose dinner for Rajini Fans!

PS:1. Amitabh Bachchan, Rani Mukherjee and Mohanlal aren't there in guest roles as rumoured.
2. The usual S U P E R S T A R tune before the start of any Rajini movie has been changed in Sivaji.


satyam4u said...

hey kasi long time replying to ur blog......yeah i saw sivaji firstday first show in vizag....
at the end of the movie i was left with only some good worthseeing scenes and some message which is faded......unlike anniyan(aparichitudu)or indian (bharatheeyudu)or oke okkadu(aarjun starter) shanker could not concentrate on subject but gave much importance to rajani stunts and his make up and songs...but main plot in the story is missing...anyways its okey for me to watch one time only for the trio.....rehman,shankar and rajani

Kasi Alagappan said...

Ya I agree with you Satya..The script isn't tight, lacks pace with logic unlike Shankar movies.. And there r few things that aren't convincing..But remember, this is Thalaivar's padam and ppl want to see Rajini's movie in Shankar's direction than Shankar's movie!

Anu Russell said...

Like Satyam's comment and my own review...I loved the movie...ONLY FOR RAJNI. The director and his story and direction sucked. Shankar I personally feel is out of steam and should start trying new things out.

Kasi Alagappan said...

Yes Anu. I too feel Shankar is running out of fresh ideas in social themes and that he
too has to resorted old wine in new bottle formula. The movies under his production -- veyyil
and kadhal, which were low budget and with nice script and screenplay, did well. It is time that he gives more importance
to plot like he did for them.
And yeah RAJINI kalakkitaaru

Mahadevan said...

Nice analysis of the movie da,, i take this opportunity to invite you to my blogger too,,