Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lots of changes!

Again as usual, I am back from quite a big hibernation. To be precise about a month after I am back to blog. Many changes, work pressures and yeah a surprise relocation to the UK last month kept me away from the usual chores of posting all the non sense items I used to do. Even I wished to write the movie review for Veerasamy, which I watched Muru (and 20 others in the whole theatre!), but later changed my mind after a comprehensive review came here. Another good thing and of considerable importance that I did before leaving India is I filed a provisional patent for a little idea of mine! I know it is not going to fetch me anything, but still.... I guess I am gonna call this satisfaction :) Okay no more bore... Plan to write about the place where I am and about London and yeah Eklavya movie review in the posts to come :) Watch this space out!

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