Thursday, November 30, 2006

My scribbling 1st Anniversary went unnoticed!

Has been a long time since the blog got updated. In fact, the first Anniversary of My Scribbling went unnoticed by me. On November 12, last year after getting bored with the chores of bench, I took off by starting this blog with a travelogue of my trekking expedition in North Bengal. Now as I went through the article, my memories went down the old lane.. Wah, it was awesome and cant hold it.. the breathtaking beauty of the valleys, pahaads and the nature...

And I have few more reasons to smile: Thanks to Orkut, I got in touch with Abhaya didi , Manimala didi, Viji, Sathi Bhaiya and lots of other friends from Kirandul, where I did my class 1 and 2! They all look so different man! And know what Orkut has introduced some really cool features like showing mutual friends, viewing a max 30 scraps at a time in your scrap book and most importantly the integration of G-Talk with Orkut. Now I get to see all my friends Email ID's in my gmail account as well! Seamless Integration kya? :p

Home Affairs: Good Old Roomy Satya has moved to Vizag after he got a job there with HSBC. His system, which was our only daily source of entertainment (TV cum Music Player cum Internet Hub) has also left with him to Vizag. Meanwhile, my Laptop, the new arrival is getting installed with all the stuff to match the expectations!

Movies: Saw a couple of movies - Varalaru, Rendu and Veyyil. Varalaru was okay types and the highlight was Ajit, the Sr's role. Due to circumstances, saw Rendu (which means Two) two times. It wasnt a bad bet. Overall both of them were enjoyable.
But the third one Veyyil left a deep impact. The movie is surely gonna leave a lump on your throat as you leave the hall. Though it has blood and violence, the movie is a definite watch which beautifully portrayed a story that you might have never heard or seen before. Pasupathi steals the show and leaves you stunned with his brilliant expressions and acting. At times, you feel like crying for him. Bharat has justified his role and both the new heriones impress. The movie has an element of freshness, which you conspicously notice even in the jobs of the lead characters - Pasupathi (Theatre Operator who almost lives in the projector cabin), Bharat (Advertising Agency Entrepreneur who deals with small budget Ads), Bharat's herione (Voice recording Artiste). The encounters between Bharat and the herione right from the begining brings in an element of humour that reminds one of Sethu movie's Vikram and Abita.

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satyam4u said...

congrates dude on ur first anniversary of blogging....i wish u all the best....sorry for leaving u all alone...but do not worry we will surwly meet up some hope now ur having a good time with ur lap top....veyil is realesing in telugu so i have to wait for that