Saturday, May 20, 2006

5 point Movie Reviews

For the last two weeks, I've seen more than my regular quota of movies.. Thanks to Sampath's motivation, I'm here kinda posting 5 point reviews of movies that I've seen during the past few days:


1. Excellent storyline, with good screenplay and direction.
2. Music is foot tapping. Especially the numbers -- Tu hi meri..., Bheegi Bheegi..(2 gud!) and Ya Ali...(my personal favorite) stay close to the heart.
3. Very good cinematography. Locations in Seoul and some of the exotic places shown are sure a treat to the eyes.
4. And yeah, the new find Shiney Ahuja has done a brilliant performance with his expressions, sans dialogue screen presence and looks. Mark me, he's gonna be the next new sensation.
5. Definitely worth watching !!!

PS: Saw this movie twice. Gonna see again !


1. Same, Old wine in a new bottle kinda story -- Murder, Investigation, multiple suspects and an unexpected culprit.
2. The element of humour is good but there are sequences as well that may irritate you!
3. Shahid and Kareena's screen chemistry doesnt go well but Upen has done well as a debutant.
4. Plus: A Ah Ashiqui mein teri, ja ja jayega jaan meri.. is too good. The background of it is oft repaeated in the movie
5. Climax fails to impress though overall the movie is quite okay. I mean watchable once!


1. Screenplay doesnt do justice to this high voltage emotional drama; apparently this's a shameful lift from a hollywood flick.
2. Plays with your patience a lot with its mockery of the so called hostage operation.
3. Sanjay and Amisha fail to impress the audience with their roles.
4. Only one song that too an uncessary element
5. A poor climax that doesnt gel with intensity of the situation. However, that probably was the only exit.

POKKIRI (Telugu)

1. Belongs to the genre of Masala movie and has all the elements needed for a typical Masala movie - Action, Sentiment, Comedy, Fast Beat Songs, Romance, Revenge, sharp dialogues et. al
2. Plus: The damn gorgeous Iliana, the female lead ( Me too added to her fan following ;-))
3. The fight sequences (Action) is good and quite a new attempts have been made in this segment.
4. Minus: The Brahmanandam and Ali - Beggars Comedy sequence are the irritating stuff, they sorta test ur patience.
5. Music has been scored well with 3 of them being the chartbusters.


5. No point in watching this
PS: Unfortunately I happened to see this movie ;-( Pls Pls dont ever ever see this ;-( ;-(

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