Monday, March 06, 2006

The Winner

Finished reading Snapshots from Hell last week. A good book, especially for those on the MBA- fray. Personally, it didnt live upto my expectations, not the kind of racy a la Chetan Bhagat. Given the topic, it is but inevitable to compare with his books, which is more of fun and a total entertainer.
And this makes me think of Ram. Over to Ram: He has got thru IIFT (Indian Institute of Foreign Trade and not Fashion Technology!),boy ! It�fs great news to hear as he was desperately trying for an admission this year. I still remember his words on our class group email..

//If i were to write a bk on the subject, it culd prblybecome a best seller after the Chetan Bhagat's bks.Coz the love stry just seems to be mving n and on ..To make things worse, i've been making loud noise, yetthe questin "where are the results ? " wud always putme in a tight spot ..//

Finally, he has made it. Congrads and Best Wishes to him!!!

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