Saturday, December 31, 2005

cOmE 2006!

Ba bye 2005...
this is my last post to this blog this year..

After a long stop-gap, I am (b)logging in and seeing my mail ids filled with 'New year' fwds!
The last weeks of this year have left us sort of in fear and traumatised soon after the terrorist attacks in Bengaluru and the Pratiba Devi-Call-Center episode. Rains continued to batter tamilnadu and Chennai. 42 died in a stampede during the distribution camp at Chennai. Dec 26 was the first year of the sad tsunami. Centre was shocked with the tainted MP's in the operation stung where few parliamentarians accepted bribes shamelesly. Big B was hospitalisedwith critical health issues

There were shades of white too.
Cricket:Dada Ganguly was brought back to Team-India again on Dec 25( I am though not a strong Dada supporter). India won the test match series against the Lankans. The Dhoni-mania has discovered and realized with his spel binding 183 off 146 balls.

Politics: With Nitish Kumar the assembly polls in Bihar, the end came to the impending Lalu-Rajya of 15 years. Bihar seems to be in safe clutches now and there are signs of rejoice to the people.

Bollywood: Bachchan has recovered and has sent a positive message of relief to all his fans worldwide.

I.T: TCS is reaping in more profits and revenues and has continued to maintain its numero uno among IT Consultants, India Corp. Gives sense of joy for being associated with TCS.

And personally, I had a blast of a time in this long week. Freaked out to City-centre and Park Street at Kolkata on Christmas with friends. Man, it was awesome! And yesterday, there was a horror night show, dance in the office premises.. was too superb, we danced till we drained.. had lots of masti..
And yeah, last week, one of roomies relatives came from Chennai, went for a local tour and shopping with their family.
And so I hope to continue the blog with same or rather more spirits and enthusiasm.. Chalo lets see how 2006 is ---

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